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Binary Options Forward-Tester

DESCRIPTION: This tool will help you analyse accurately your arrow-indicators. It can be used in live charts or in strategy tester. 



[~] Put its name in Indicator_Name input
[~] Put the Buy_Index and the Sell_Index values.

  1. Open Data Window (Ctrl+D).
  2. Move the mouse arrow above the Buy arrow to find out the Buy_Index value from the Data Window (Usually 0 for Buy / 1 for Sell). See Screenshot.

[~] Put the Shift value:

  • "0" = If the arrow is showing up at the start of the candle.
  • "1" = if the arrow is showing up at the previous candle ending.

Download page: Binary Options Forward-Tester.ex4

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1 Dũng Phạm • 10:22 PM, 2018-10-02
chỉ báo không hoạt động ,ai giúp mình với